Sweater Design Class


Do you want to make your own design?

I can teach you how to calculate the gauge from your swatch, take measurements and adapt the existing pattern to your size. Private classes are $50/hour. Group classes are also available. Contact me to make an appointment and choose your preferred location in NYC or we can do it through Skype.




If you don't have time to finish your project or you are less experienced or scared to do it, I can do it for you. Prices range from $50 for baby/children's sweaters and cardigans to $75 for adult's sweaters or cardigans. Contact me if you have more questions about finishing.



Short Rows Technique Class

(based on "Falling Leaves Scarf" design)


Never done short rows? Let's do it together: start with basic wraps/turns and master intricate shapes in colors.


e-mail: irina.poludnenko@gmail.com

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